Who is Lady Maeda in Gyeongseong Creature? Actress Details

Lady Maeda turned out the main antagonist in the series Gyeongseong Creature. Series fans are excited to know about the actress who plays Lady Maeda in the series Gyeongseong Creature. Here we have details about Lady Maeda actress and character.

Who Plays Lady Maeda in Gyeongsesong Creature?

Actress Name

Korean actress Claudia Kim has portrayed the character of Lady Maeda in the series Gyeongseong Creature.

Actress & Character Details

Claudia Kim is a super-talented South Korean actress who is famous worldwide for her brilliant acting. She was part of the super hit movies Avengers and Fantastic Beasts. She is popular for her stunning acting and gorgeous looks.

Claudia Kim’s performance as Lady Maeda is very impressive. Lady Maeda is the mastermind of the Onseong Hospital experiments. She is working in alliance with Lieutient Gato. She provides funds and security to hospitals for those inhume experiments.

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Lady Maeda was the one who sent Chae-Ok’s mother to Gyeongseong Hospital. She likes her father but her father only loved Chae-Ok’s mother. When Maeda comes to know that Chae-Ok is Tae-Sang’s love, she again tries to take her away from Him.

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