Gawah Rehna Movie Cast – Story – Trailer – Release Date

Gawah Rehna is a Movie inspired by a real-life event. It shows us the history of Muslims. The special thing about this movie is that it cast a Turkish actor in the lead cast and makes the movie more interesting. Movie highlight the problems faced by the Muslims during the Khilafat Movement. Movie Story is full of thrill, excitement, and emotions. Have a look at the complete cast of Gawah Rehna Movie.

Gawah Rehna Movie Cast

Gawah Rehna Movie Cast

Emmad Irfani
Gahana Ali
Qavi Khan
Rabya Kulsoom
Mert Sismanlar (Turkish Actor)
Faisal Imtiaz
Hamid Naveed

Gawah Rehna Movie Cast


Tahir Mahmood


Tahir Mahmood


Kashif Esmail

Gawah Rehna Movie Story

Gawah Rehna story is outstanding. For the shooting of Gawah Rehna director recreate a village near Gujravala, Punjab and gave it a historical look. Movie story base on the time of “Khilafat Movement” and problems faced by Muslims of Pakistan and Tukey due to the British Force. This movie highlights the efforts and sacrifices of our heroes. Lead roles are performed by Emmad Irfani and Gahana Ali. The powerful acting of senior actor Qavi Khan makes this movie more excited. Turkish actor is playing the role negative role of farungi.

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Gawah Rehna Movie Trailer

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