Funny Ramadan Wishes, Quotes, Messages & Status for All

Ramadan Mubarak Funny messages, wishes, and Quotes for Ramzan 2022 to share on Instagram and WhatsApp. Ramadan is a holy month and Muslims offer special prayers during this month. Ramadan is of special importance for all Muslims. Months of Ramadan give a lesson of patience and brotherhood. Here we have some funny Ramadan Mubarak Wishes, Messages, and status for you to share with your friends and family. Let’s have a look at the Funny Ramadan Mubarak Wishes, Messages, Status, and Quotes in English and in Urdu for Ramadan 2022.

Funny Ramadan Mubarak Wishes & Quotes 2022

“Ramadan is Coming and Shaitan is locked up now. So, you can’t blame Shaitan for your Mistakes this month. 😉 Ramadan Mubarak to all!”

“Ramadan is the only month in which I have a date every evening.”

“Ramadan is the only month when we know the exact timing of Maghrib Prayer. Ramadan Mubarak everyone!”

 “Ramadan is much more than tasty meals in Iftar, so, just think about it before having lavish Iftar parties. Ramadan 2022 Mubarak!”

 “In the month of Ramadan, Iftar meal is not someone’s wedding meal.”

“Those who sleep the whole day and then say they did not feel like they were fasting truly test your patience when you have a tough routine in Ramadan.”

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Funny Ramadan Wishes in Urdu

“Iftari Ke Bad Pait Main Panni Nahi, Panni Main Thora Sa Pait Reh Jata Hai.”

 “Sehri Main Pani Ki Kaseer Miqdar Peenay Ka Yeah Matlab Hargiz Nahi Keh woh Do Din Tak Apkay Maeday Main Jama Rahay Ga. Yeah Khasosiat Sirf Onth Main Hoti Hai, Lahza Pait ko Dam Na Samjain.”

“Girls in Ramadan be like: Roze se Dar Nahi Lagta Bartan Dhonay Se Lagta Hai!”

“Ramzan Kay Hain Nazaray, Badal Gae Hai Profile Picture, Ho Rahay Hain Naik Saray.”

These are some funny Ramadan Mubarak quotes and wishes for Ramzan 2022. Share these funny sayings and wishes with your loved ones but within a limit and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

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