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Fiza Ali Pics with her Lovely Daughter Faraal on Eid

Fiza Ali shared Eid pics with her cutest daughter Faraal Fawad. Fiza Ali and her daughter Faraal Fawad wore twinning dresses on Eid ul-Adha. Faraal is just like her mother in appearance and talent. Fiza Ali shared amazing video clips of Faraal with her fans. Faraal is the cutest celebrity child and her acting skills are just like her mother. Here are some pics Fiza Ali with daughter Faraal Fawad on Eid ul-Adha.

Fizza Ali Daughter Pics

Fiza Ali Daughter Pics
Fiza Ali Daughter Pics
Fiza Ali Daughter Pics

Fiza Ali and Faraal Fawad wear a twining dress on every Eid. Fiza Ali used the top actresses of her time. Her beautiful looks and brilliant acting skills made everyone her fan. Now her daughter Faraal seems to be the one step ahead of her mother in acting and beauty as well. Faraal Fawad’s videos always go viral on social media due to her cuteness and stunning expressions.

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Fiza Ali Daughter Pics

Faraal Fawad is not just a good actress at a very young age, she is also a very good dancer. Dance video of Faraal Fawad went viral on the internet and everyone was just amazed by the talent of the little girl. Faraal should definitely become an actress like her mother. Fiza Ali has brought up her kids as a single mother but she is the best mother indeed. Fiza’s care and attention to her kids are just amazing. She is working as a TV show host and raising her kids alone.

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