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Fitrat Geo TV Drama Cast – OST – Story – Timings

Fitrat is a 2020 Geo TV drama romantic drama serial featuring stunning Saboor Aly, Zubab Rana, and dashing Zain Baig in the lead cast. Let’s dig in to know about the complete cast name and story of Geo TV drama serial Fitrat.

fitrat geo tv Drama Cast

Geo TV Drama Fitrat Cast Name

Here is the Fitrat Drama complete cast name:

Saboor Aly (Fariha)
Mirza Zain Baig (Arbaz)
Zubab Rana (Rafiya)
Ali Abbas (Shahbaz)
Adla Khan (Maliha)
Raeed Muhammad Alam (Haris)
Maryam Nafees
Ayesha Gul (Nadra)
Saife Hassan
Seemi Pasha
Farhan Ally Agha
Sabiha Hashmi
Fazila Qazi
Kamran Jilani
Sadaf Ahsan
Zain Afzal


Drama serial Fitrat is written by Nuzhat Saman.


Asad Jamal has directed drama serial Fitrat.


Geo TV drama serial Fitrat is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment.


You can watch the drama serial Fitrat from Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm only on Geo TV.

fitrat geo tv Drama Cast

Fitrat Geo TV Drama Story

The story of Geo TV drama serial Fitrat revolves around a gold digger girl Fariha (Saboor Aly). Fariha is a very selfish girl who just loves money and does not care about others’ emotions and feelings. This role is a bit similar to the role of Saboor Aly in the drama serial ‘Gul O Gulzar’ but with a bit more twist.

Fariha (Saboor Aly) and Shahbaz (Ali Abbas) are married secretly. Shahbaz loves her but marries her without telling his family. But Fariha is not sincere with Shahbaz and just loves him for his wealth. Shahbaz realizes this bitter truth about Fariha and they get divorced.

fitrat geo tv Drama Cast

Fariha decides to take revenge on Shahbaz and she traps her brother Arbaz. Arbaz fells in love with Fariha and decided to marry her. After they get married, Shahbaz comes to know that his younger brother has married his first love and ex-wife Fariha.

Fariha’s younger sister Rafiya and brother Haris are very hardworking and work day and night to full fill their needs. Rafiya meets Arbaz by chance before Fariha and Arbaz’s wedding. She falls in love with Arbaz but never expresses her love due to the class differences between them. Let’s see what would happen when Arbaz will come to know about Fariha and Shahbaz’s relationship.

Saboor Aly, Zain Baig, and Ali Abbas are playing the lead roles in Geo TV drama serial Fitrat. Saboor has played her role very beautifully. All the other actors have also done a brilliant job. This is for the first time that Saboor Aly and Zain Baig are appearing in lead roles together.


Here is the OST of Geo TV drama serial Fitrat.

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