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Eshal Fayyaz faced Criticism for Pics in Faisal Mosque

Famous actress and model Eshal Fayyaz shared her on Jumma (Friday) in front of the Faisal Mosque. The actress faced criticism by the public for making her pictures in Faisal Mosque. In Eshal Fayyaz’s latest photoshoot in front of the Faisal Mosque, she wore a simple white outfit. The public is angry with the actress for taking pics in front of a Mosque in an indecent outfit. Eshal Fayaz shared the pictures with caption Jummah Mubarak.

Eshal Fayyaz in Faisal Mosque
Eshal Fayyaz in Faisal Mosque

Recently, the Pakistani government banned the shooting of movies and songs in Mosques and Shrines. Bilal Saeed And Saba Qamar’s song video was made in Masjid Wazir Khan and people criticized them for using a Holy Place for their song video. Finally, the government decided to not allow the public to use holy places for such types of activities. Public criticism the Eshal Fayyaz in Faisal Mosque for improper dressing.

Eshal Fayyaz started her acting career in 2011 and performed in many dramas. She got more popularity from her super hit drama “Abroo” in 2017 with famous actor Noor Hassan. She worked as a brand ambassador for many hit brands of Pakistan. she also performed in the movie Kaaf Kunga, which was produced and written by Khalil ul Rehman Qamar.

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