Doona Ending Explained – Happy or Sad End of Kdrama

Doona is an intriguing Romantic Kdrama series with a twisted end. In the final episode of the Kdrama Doona, the Won-Jun and Doona meet again and it feels like they are connected by the heart. Here we have the Kdrama series Doona ending explained and whether it has a happy or sad ending.

Doona Kdrama Ending Explained


Won-Jun and Doona are falling in love with each other when Doona’s ex-manager Park In-Wook returns and convinces her to rejoin the industry. Won-Jun breaks up with Doona. She again joined the K-pop industry as a solo singer and became popular. While Won-Jun resumes his studies and eventually gets the job. In the end, they meet again and Won-Jun confesses that he misses her a lot every day.

doona ending explaing happy or sad end kdrama

Doona Ending Happy or Sad

The story of the Kdrama series Doona is like an emotional rollercoaster. Initially, Doona was heartbroken when she met Wan-Jun. But she got hope from Wan-Jun’s love. But eventually, they broke up, and that made both of them upset. Doona’s ending was sad as both of them were heartbroken and living separately. Some fans considered it a fair realistic ending while some were upset over the sad ending of the series.

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Detail Explanation

In the final episode of Doona, Wan-Jun and Doona meet in a restaurant. Doona explains she does not have her mobile phone, so, she couldn’t contact him. But Wan-Jun replies she does not need to contact her. He wants to break up. This upsets Doona and she enquires if is he annoyed due to her being a K-pop star. But Wan-Jun still wants to part ways.

Then in the next scenes, Doona is performing on stage and Wan-Jun continues his studies. His friends are also settled in their lives. Wan-Jun meets his high school friend as well.

Doona and Wan-Jun meet again and Doona asks him to confess that he regrets their break-up and did wrong by leaving her alone. Wan-Jun’s eyes are full of tears and he confesses everything she wants him to confess and hugs her.

At the end of the series, Wan-Jun appears in a Job interview and eventually gets the job. Doona is in Japan for her concerts. She is in a shopping mall when she hears a voice and returns. The Wan-jun passes by her with his colleague and seems like they are on a business trip.

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