Dobara Last Episode Review, Story, Drama Ending Explained

Dobara drama serial last episode aired on 15th July. Here we have a brief review of the drama Dobara Last episode, the story and complete drama ending is explained. Dobara Drama got viewers’ attention due to its unique storyline and stunning cast. Fans were not happy with Narmeen’s entry into Mahir’s life. But in the last episode, a unique twist changed the whole story, leading to happy a happy ending.

Dobara Last Episode Review, Story & Ending

In the last episode of Dobara, Mehru meets Mahir’s mother. Their interaction and conversation were very touching. Then Mehru meets her friend to express the pain she is in. Mehru is indeed a very kind-hearted lady who has the courage to bear all this. Mahir did very bad to Mehru and he should not be forgiven that easily.

Narmeen and Mahir are ready to get merry on Sunday. Mehru is aware of everything but he does not take any steps. But then Narmeen steps back from marrying Mahir. How did that happen all of sudden? Maybe Narmeen is moved due to Babar’s words or she is really afraid that Mahir will not be loyal to her. At the last moment, she denies and Mahir returns to Mehru.

Despite of knowing everything, Mehru still accepts Mahir and then Mehru and Mahir live happily with each other.

Although the Drama serial Dobara ended on a happy note, still, Mahir’s changed behavior and cheating were very unjust. A kind lady like Mehru does not deserve to be cheated so inhumanly. But as it is said, All is well if ends well.

Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas were the perfect choices for this role. They did justice to their role throughout the drama.

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