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Dil Hai Chota Sa is a Sab TV drama serial from the series Mangharat. Every episode of the drama serial has a different story based on a lesson. Dil Hai Chota Sa is also an interesting drama with a different stories. Let’s have a look at the drama Serial Dil Hai Chota Sa cast, story, and other details.

Dil Hai Chota Sa Drama Cast

Here is the full cast of the drama serial Dil Hai Chota Sa cast:

Kiran Tabeer as Fiza
Hassan Khan as Arish
Javed Sheikh as Faraz
Fareeda Shabir as Fiza’s Mother


Drama Serial Dil Hai Chota Sa is written by Suraj Baba.


M. Ishaq Khattak is the producer and Muhammad Ashar Asghar is the director of drama.

Dil Hai Chota Sa Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Dil Hai Chota Sa is about Fiza (Kiran Tabeer) who is the teacher of a boy named Arish. Fiza and Arish’s father Faraz are in love with each other but Faraz could not tell his son about this. That’s why he insists Fiza teach his son and be her friend in order to convince him.

dil hai chota sa drama cast story

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Fiza and Arish become good friends with time. But gradually Fiza feels Arish’s intentions weird. Arish gets interested in Fiza and this makes Fiza uncomfortable.

Fiza tells Faraz’a about Arish’s intentions. Then Faraz talks to his son and makes him realize indirectly about the situation. The next day, Arish goes to Fiza and asks her to marry his father. He realizes that his father really likes her and they should be together.

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