Destined With You Actor Rowoon Leaves Band SF9

South Korean actors and singers are known worldwide for their best acting and singing talent. The 2023 top drama “Destines With You” lead actor Rowoon recently announced to leave his music band SF9. He will focus on his acting career. SF9’s Label FNC Entertainment officially announced, now Rowoon is not a member of the K-pop band SF9.

Rowoon Leaves Band SF9

Rowoon joined the SF9 in 2016 and worked as its artist for seven years. Now SF9 is an 8-member group. This is a big change for the K-pop band SF9 and for the fans of Rowoon.

Rowoon Leaves SF9

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His recent popular dramas are “Destined With You” and “A Time Called You“. He has the best acting skills and always wins the hearts of drama viewers with an attractive personality and outstanding acting. He is known for performing the Romantic and Comedy characters in South Korean dramas.

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