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Creature Netflix 2023 Cast Name with Pictures – Turkish Series

Creature is a 2023 Turkish Series released on Netflix. Famous Turkish actors Erkan Kolcak Kostendil and Taner Olmaz are part 2023 Netflix series Creature Cast. The Turkish title of the series Creature is Yaratilan. It is a very intriguing series with a brilliant cast and story. Let’s have a look at the 2023 Netflix series Creature cast real name with pictures and actors details.

Creature Netflix 2023 Cast Name

Taner Olmez as Ziya

Taner Olmez has performed the role of Ziya in the 2023 Turkish Netflix series Creature. He is 37 years old talented Turkish actor. A Miracle (Miracle Doctor) is among the recent famous dramas. His drama A Miracle was translated in many languages including Urdu and was aired in many conutries.

creature netflix 2023 series cast name with pictures

Sifanur Gul as Asiya

Sifanur Gul played the character of Asiya in the Netflix series Creature. She is 28 years gorgeous Turkish actor. The Tailor Season 2 is among her recent famous series.

Erkan Kolcak Kostendil as Ihsan

Erkan Kolcak Kostendil performed the role of Ihsan in the 2023 series Creature. He is 40 years old. Heartsong is his recent TV series.

creature netflix 2023 series cast name with pictures

Bulent Sakrak as Caption Omer

Bulent Sakrak played the character of Omer in the Netflix Series Creature. He is 46 years old talented Turkish actor. The Fix It Man is his recent movie.

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Ceature Turkish Series Supporting Cast Name

Devirim Yakut as Ofelya
Ilkey Eren as Ejder
Durul Bazan
Arman Dildar as Muharrem
Sema Ceyrekbasi as Nana Husniye
Engin Benli as Muzaffar

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