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Cigarette Girl Series Cast Name, Age & Story Details

Cigarette Girl is a 2023 Netflix series. This series is based on the book of the same name. The story of the Cigarette Girl Netflix series shows the less-known facts about the Indonesian Tobacco Industry. The series was also premiered at the 28th Busan International Film Festival. Get more information about the 2023 Indonesian Netflix Series Cigarette Girl full cast real name, age, and pictures.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Thrill
Channel: Netflix
Language: Indonesian
Duration: 60 mints
Total Episodes: 5

Release Date

The series Cigarette Girl is released on Netflix on 2 November 2023.

Cigarette Girl Netflix Series Cast

Dian Sastrowardoyo as Dasiyah/Jeng Yah

Dian Sastrowardoyo is a famous Indonesian actress and model. She is 41 years old. She started her acting career in 1989 and performed in many hit movies and dramas.

Cigarette Girl Series Cast

Ario Bayu as Soeraja

Ario Bayu is a talented actor and model. His age is 38 years old. He joined the showbiz in 2004. His previous famous series was “The Bridge” in 2020.

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Supportign Cast

Arya Saloka as Lebas
Putri Marino as Arum
Ibnu Jamil as Seno
Sheila Data Aisha as Purwanti
Tissa Biani as Rukayah
Ine Febriyanti as Roemaisa
Rukman Rosadi as Idroes Moeria
Tutie Kirana as Purwanti
Winky Wiryanwan as Tegar
Verdi Solaiman as Soedjagad

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