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Tore Netflix Series Cast Name with Photos & Story

Tore is a 2023 Swedish comedy Netflix series. The story revolves around the young man Tore, who loses his loved one in a road accident. He tries to overcome his grief and starts flirting with Erik. He became part of a new luxurious and strange world. Get more details about the Tore 2023 Netflix series cast real name, age, and pictures.

Series Details

Genres: Youth, Comedy
Channel: Netflix
Director: Erika Calmeyer
William Spetz
Language: Swedish
Duration: 35 mints
Total Episodes: 6

Release Date

The Swedish series Tore was released on 27 October 2023 on Netflix.

Tore 2023 Netflix Series Cast

William Spetz as Tore

Swedish actor William Spets played the lead role of Tore. His famous series was “Quicksand” in 2019, in which his character name was Samir Said. He was also part of movies “Day by Day”, and “I Love You”. His age is 27 years old.

Tore Netflix Series Cast

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Sana Sundqvist as Linn

Actress Sana Sundqvist performed the role of a friend of Tore named Linn. This is the debut Netflix series of Sana Sundqvist. Her famous movies are “Kingdom in Sweden” and “Call Mom!”.

Tore Netflix Series Cast

Hannes Fohlin as Erik

Hannes Fohlin played the role of Erik in the series Tore. He is 34 years old. His famous series is “Quicksand” and “Filip och Mona”. He played the role of Simon in the movie Day by Day.

Tore 2023 Series Cast

Tore Series Supporting Cast

Peter Haber as Bosse
Per Svensson as Per
Victor Ivan as Viggo
Carlos Romero Cruz as Shady Meat
Doreen Ndagira as Lo
Lotta Tejle as Ulla
Carlos Romero Cruz as Shady Meat
Leo Dahl Elfver as Alfred
Vide Sols as Lukas
Gabriella Boris as Ann
Isabelle Kyed as Nadia
Albin Weidenbladh as Bartender

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