Chinese Dramas List in Hindi & Urdu Dubbed on YouTube 2023

Romantic and comedy Chinese dramas in Urdu and Hindi dubbed are loved worldwide. Many romantic Chinese dramas became popular due to their stunning cast and interesting stories. Let’s take a look at the best Chinese Dramas in Hindi and Urdu dubbed available on YouTube in 2023.

Chinese Dramas List in Hindi & Urdu on YouTube 2023

1. My Girlfriend is an Alien

My Girlfriend is an Alien is one of the best Chinese dramas. It’s a rom-com drama based on the story of an Alien girl and her wealthy boss. They fell in love and are reluctant to admit it. Wan Pang and Thassapak Hsu have appeared in the lead cast in the drama.

2. The Centimeter of Love

The Centimeter of Love is a Chinese rom-com drama dubbed in Hindi and available on YouTube. Tong Dawi and Tong Liya performed the lead role in this drama. It’s the story of issues of a doctor’s love life who studies abroad.

3. All I Want for Love is You

All I Want for Love is You is comedy romantic Chinese drama based on the story of High school students.

4. Intense Love

5. Sweet Sweet

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6. Secrets of Love

7. Love in Time

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