Chen Zheyuan Drama List – Top Best TV Shows

Chen Zheyuan is a talenetd young Chinese actor. He is known for his acting in romantic Chinese dramas. His debut drama was “All About Secrets” and his recent hit series in “Hidden Love”. Read more about Chen Zheyuan top best drama list & TV shows names and other details.

Chen Zheyuan Drama List

This is a complete list of new and latest dramas and TV Shows by Chinese Actor Chen Zheyuan.

Drama NameYearRole
The Princess and the WereWolf2023Kui Mu Lang/Li Xiong
Hidden Love2023Duan Jia Xu
Winner is King2023Chang Geng
Go Princess Go 22023Kai Mulang
Mr. Bad2022Xiao Wudi
Our Secret2021Zhou Siyue
Twelve Lengends2021Bai Yushu
Handsome Siblings2020Jiang Xiaoyu
Detective Chinatown2020Noda Koji

FAQs About Chen Zheyuan‘s Dramas

Chen Zheyuan’s First Drama?
Chen Zheyuan’s debut drama was “

His Latest & New Drama in 2023?
Chen Zheyuan‘s recent hit drama is “Hidden Love” in 2023.

Which is the best drama of Chen Zheyuan?
His best dramas are “Hidden Love” and “Mr. Bad”.

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