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Chamak Damak Drama OST Lyrics – Sara Raza Khan

Chamak Damak is the Hum TV drama of 2020. The drama cast consists of rising stars of the Pakistan showbiz industry. Lead roles are performed by Sumaya Bukhsh, Raeed Ahmed, and Agha Talal. Chamak Damak drama story and OST Lyrics are outstanding.

Chamak Damak Drama OST Lyrics


Sara Raza Khan & Jimmy Attre


Mubashar Hassan

Chamak Damak Drama OST Lyrics

Eik Meri Jaaan Dukh Mere Lakh Neee
Mujh Mein Tu Khusioow K Rung Bher Daay
Kismat Se Hari Hain Yeh Hathow Ki Lakrien Sub

Naraz Mujh ko lge
Sari Khudai Aab Tu
Mushkil ha Jeena
Zaher ha Peena

Kon si Dar ba Dar Jaoow Mein
Koi Humdum Mile, Khushioow K sung
Mile Jase Yeh Derd Saha
Ansoow Mein Nighaoow Mein
Leley Koi Khatoow Mein
Jisy Mein Apna Banao

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