CEO Married Me Chinese Drama Cast Real Name & Story

CEO Married Me is a Chinese romantic drama series. It’s about the betrayal in love and then finding someone who truly loves you. A brilliant cast has made the drama more interesting. Let’s have a look at the Chinese Drama CEO Married Me cast real name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Drama, Romance
Director: Lin Ji Dong
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 Minutes
Total Episodes: 65

CEO Married Me Chinese Drama Cast

Sun Shao Long as Ou Yang
Chai Bi Yun as Lin Mei Ya
Shen Tao Ran as Li Wei Wei
Wan Si Wei as Li Dong
Wang Yuan Hui as Xu Si Yu
Zhang Tao as Chen Zhe
Qi Ling as Jiang Yi Long
Liang Jai Wei as Su Zi Jie
Qiao Hong as Qi Yun

ceo married me chinese drama cast real name

Release Date

The first episode of the drama was released on 18 May 2019.

Where to Watch

You can watch the Chinese drama CEO Married Me on YouTube.

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Original Title

The real name/original title of the Chinese drama CEO Married Me is To Be With You.

CEO Married Me Chinese Drama Story

The story of the Chinese drama CEO Married Me revolves around a girl Lin Mei Ya. A few days before her wedding, her boyfriend cheats her. She decides to move on and start doing a job in a company. Then she meets someone who is truly in love with her.

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