CEO Hide His Love Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

CEO Hide His Love is a 2023 Chinese Drama Series. It is a romantic Chinese drama featuring talented actors in the lead cast. Let’s dig in to have a look at the 2023 Chinese Drama CEO Hide His Love cast name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance
Director: Han Yang
Language: Chinese
Duration: 40 Minutes
Total Episodes: 24

CEO Hide His Love Chinese Drama Cast

Chang Zhe Kuan as Jiang Nan
Mao Na as Xu Duo Cheng
Xie Chun Yi as Li Da Lin
Jiang Shen as Gu Jai Yi
Fang Chu Tang as Yu Ke Qin
Yu Kai Ning as Bao Rui
Huang Qin Shuo as Zhan Zi Lin
Jessie Yan as Qin Shan
Ma Chen Yan as Dou Dou

Where to Watch

You can watch the drama CEO Hide His Love on YouTube.

Original Title

The original title of the drama CEO Hide His Love is Smile to Life.

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama CEO Hide His Love was released on 30 September 2022.

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CEO Hide His Love Chinese Drama Story

The story of Chinese drama CEO Hide His Love revolves around a young who is suffering from ALS. Her body will be paralyzed due to disease, so, she enjoys her life as much as she can. A Young and dashing musician fell in love with her. An interesting twist in the story comes when he comes to know about her disease.

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