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Bushra Ansari Replied to Lubna Faryad on Trolling Drama Zebaish

Zebaish drama is the latest Hum TV drama written by Bushra Ansari. A few episodes of this drama have been broadcasted but the public reaction is not so good. The Drama serial Zebasih’s second episode has been criticized by viewers and some bloggers and vloggers as well. Famous drama reviewer Lubna Faryad aka Amma gave her point of view about Zebaish. Luba criticized the drama serial Zebaish for poor direction, storyline, and acting skills.

Bushra Ansai Drama Zebaish


Luba Faryad aka Amma trolled Zara for poor acting skills in drama in the scene when she gets the news of her father’s death and cries. Some funny dialogue in extremely emotional scenes was also trolled. Amma trolled the actors of drama Zebaish and the director. Bushra Ansari has responded to trollers and critics and especially mentioned Lubna Faryad (Amma) in a post. Bushra called Amma’s comments and reviews pathetic. She wished haters and trollers of her drama to die with Coronavirus. Later on, Bushra Ansari deleted her post but Amma’s fans did not like Bushra’s attitude.


Momin Ali also posted in response to Bushra Ansari’s mean post. He called Bushra’s comment disgusting and wished death for someone for disliking a drama. Bushra Ansari’s comments have gone viral on social media and people are supporting Amma and criticizing Bushra’s comments.

bushra ansari drama zebaish

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Zebaish Drama written by Bushra Ansari is about the life of an actress and a girl from Shah Family who joins showbiz by chance. Zebaish drama serial cast included Zara Noor Abbass, Asad Saddique, Bushra Ansari, Asam Abbas, Zoya Nasir, and Babar Ali. Some people objected Zebaish drama story for showing some inappropriate relations like the father of a young boy is interested in marrying a girl of her daughter’s age just due to sympathy.

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