Bright Eyes in the Dark Chinese Drama Cast Name with Photos

Bright Eyes in the Dark is a 2023 action and romantic Chinese drama. This Chinese drama was released on September 19, 2023. There are a total of 40 episodes. The story revolves around a brave firefighter and a dancer. They meet to promote firefight skills through a reality show. Let’s look at the Bright Eyes in the Dark Chinese drama cast real name with pictures.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Chinese Drama Cast

Johnny Huang as Lin Lu Xiao

Famous Chinese actor Johnny Huang performed the character of a firefighter named Lin Lu Xiao. His age is 30 years old and he joined the drama industry in 2013. His recent famous dramas are “The First Shot” and “Cat & Thief” in 2023.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Chinese Drama Cast

Zhang Jing Yi as Nan Chu

Zhang Jinyi is a well-known actress, she played the character of a dancer named Nan Chu opposite Johnny Huang. The drama viewers just love their on-screen couple. She is 24 years old. His previous famous drama was “Lighter & Princess”  with Chen Feiyu in 2022.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Chinese Drama Cast

Liu Jian Yu as Li Xue Jun

Liu Jian Yu performed the supporting character of Li Xue Jun. He is 30 years old. He started to perform in Chinese dramas in 2017, his recent drama was “Wenderella’s Diary”.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Chinese Drama Cast

Hu Yuan Jun as Madame Fang

Actress Hu Yuan Jun is known for best-supporting roles in Chinese dramas. In this drama, she played the role of Madame Fang and proved her best acting skills.

Yang Wen Zhe as Du Bao Hua

Chinese actor Yang Wen Zhe is also part of this drama, he performed the role of Du Bao Hua. He is 40 years old and performed the supporting roles in many hit Chinese dramas.

Supporting Cast

Shi Lei as Director Huang
Jayden Pan as Sun Ming Yang
Li Mu Zi as Yan Zi
Tang Xiao Tian as Jiang Ge
Guan Yajun as Ran Dong Yang
Li Yun Ao as Plump Chef

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