Be Your Own Light Chinese Drama Cast 2023 & Story

Be Your Own Light is a 2023 Chinese Drama with a talented cast and story. Be Your Own Light Chinese drama cast name are Liu Tao (He Huan), Qin Hai Lu (Bai Yang), Liu Yu Ning (Jiang Jun Hao), and many other talented actors are part of this serial. The drama broadcasting date is July 17, 2023. Let’s take a look at more details of this Chinese 2023 series.

Drama Details

Genres: Drama, Romance
Director: Yu Ding
Language: Chinese
Duration: 45 Mints
Total Episodes: 40

Where to Watch Be Your Own Light

You can watch the Chinese drama Be Your Own Light on YouTube and YouKu.

Be Your Own Light Chinese Drama Cast

Liu Tao as He Huan
Qin Hai Lu as Bai Yang
Liu Yu Ning as Jiang Jun Hao
Chai Bi Yun as Zhao Yuan Yuan
Zhang Duo as Ren Jie
Chen Xue as Jo Jo
Dai Gao Zheng as Zhang Ke
Yu Cong as Liu Chun Yan
Fenny Wu as He Huan’s mother
Tan Kai as Ye Wen Tian
Jacky Zhao as Liang Yong
Chen Yi Heng as He Huan’s Father
Li Si Bo as Pan Chen Hui
Zhang Bo Yu as Yang Li

Release Date

The release date of the drama Be Your Own Light is from 17th July 2023 to 4th August 2023.

Writer Name

Su Xiao Yuan is the writer of the drama Be Your Own Light.

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Be Your Own Light Chinese Drama Story

The lead character of He Huan’s husband leaves her with large debts and her mother becomes seriously ill. She faces all problems with courage. She promotes to a higher rank. Jiang Jun Hao is a social influencer, who helps her to continue her career with more passion.

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