Attaullah Tarar Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Father, PML-N

Attaullah Tarar also known as Atta Tarar is a Pakistani politician. Attaullah Tarar aka Atta Tara biography, age, family, wife, PML-N, Ministry, Wikipedia, and other interesting details. He is a member of the Pakistani Political party PML-N and served as Spokesperson of PML-N for the Punjab government. Here we have Politicn Attaullah Tarar Biography, Age, Wiki, Wife, and family details.

attaullah tarar biography wiki wife

Attaullah Tarar aka Atta Tarar Biography


Attaullah Tarar was born in 1973 and he is 49 years old.


Attaullah Tarar has a degree in Law. He is a practicing Lawyer.

Atta Tara Family and Father

Attaullah Tara lives in Lahore with his family. Atta Tara is the son of the famous Pakistani politician, Muhammad Rafiq Tarar. His father was a loyal member of the political party PML-N. Rafiqa Tara was a Judge by profession. He became President of Pakistan in 1997 and resigned when Musharraf came into power.

attaullah tarar biography wiki wife

Attaullah Tarar (Atta Tarar) Wife

Attaullah Tarar in married. But he never appeared in public with his wife.

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Attaullah Tarar is a lawyer and politician. Here are details about Attaullah Tarar political career.

Atta Tarar in PML-N

Like his father Rafiq Tara, Attaullah Tara is also a loyal member of PML-N. He is deputy secretary-general of the Political Party PML-N.

attaullah tarar biography wiki wife


Attaullah Tarar is serving as the spokesperson of the Punjab Government of PML-N after the selection of Hamza Shehbaz as Punjab CM.

Social Media Handle

Twitter: TararAttaullah
Instagram: atta_tarar

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