Ask the Stars Kdrama Cast Name, Story, Release Date

Ask the Stars is a 2023 Kdrama with lead cast names Le Min Ho, Han Ji Enu, and Gong Hyo Jin. Ask the Stars Korean TV series story is full of romance and entertainment. The drama shooting started in April 2022 with a 50 Billion Korean Won budget. Let’s look at the Ask the Sky Korean series actors’ real names and drama and other details.

Drama Details

Writer: Seo Soak Hyang
Director: Park Shin Woo
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi
Country: Korea
Productions: KeyEast

Ask the Stars kdrama cast

Ask the Stars KDrama Cast Name & Age

Lee Min Ho as Gong Ryong – 35 years old
Gong Hyo-jin as Eve Kim – 43 years old
Han Ji-Eun as Choi Go-enu
Oh Jung-Se as Kang Kang-su
Kim Joo-hun as Park Dong-ah
Park Jin-poo as Reporter

Release Date

Ask the Stars Korean drama release date is 5th May 2023.

Ask the Stars Drama Story

This television series story revolves around the encounter of an astronaut and space tourist on a space station. Lee Min Ho performed the role of a gynecologist named Gong Ryong, he traveled to space and his love story started. Actress Gong Hyo-jin performed the role of a top astronaut caption.

High-quality visual effects are used in this serial. This is a romantic comedy-drama with an exciting story. The viewers will see an onscreen couple of Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo-jin. The acting and chemistry of the lead couple are outstanding.

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FAQs About Ask the Stars

Who performs the lead role in the drama Ask the Stars?
Famous Korean actor Lee Min Hoo performed the lead role.

Where to watch the drama Ask the Stars?
This is an upcoming drama on Netflix and TVn.

What was the budget for the drama Ask the Stars?
50 Billion Korean Won.

Who is the most famous character of Ask the Stars?
Gong Ryong (Lee Min Ho) is a famous character of Ask the Stars.

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