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Armaan Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

Armaan is a famous romantic Turkish drama. This drama aired in Trueky in 2016 and dubbed in Urdu/Hindi in 2019. This drama story based on the South Korean drama High Society. Its Cast and story both are outstanding. Let’s have a look at the full cast name of Turkish Drama Armaan.

Armaan Turkish Drama Cast

Armaan Turkish Drama Cast full List:

Engin Ozturk as Kareem
Hazar Erguclu as Shanzu
Mehmet Ozan Dolunay as Sarim
Meric Aral as Rija
Zuhal Olcay
Hakki Ergok as Shan
Nihat Altinkaya
Ailye Uzunatagan
Taner Barlas
Hulya Gulsen Irmak
Ceyda Tepeliler
Yasim Cam

Turksih Name

Armaan drama Turksih name is “Yuksek Sosyete”. This drama aired in turkey in 2016 and was dubbed in Urdu in 2019 by the LTN family channel.

Armaan Turkish Drama Cast

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Burak Sagyasar

Armaan Turkish Drama Story

Armaan drama story is full of emotions, romance, and entertainment. The story revolves around the life of two main characters Shanzu and Sarim. They are both born into rich families and have different mindsets about the value of money in life. Kareem belongs to a middle-class family, his family work for Sarim’s grandmother. Kareem wants to live his life according to his wish. Shanzu starts a job at a store and meets Kareem. Shanzu and Kareem fall in love and a new journey in their lives starts. Rija is friend of Shanzu and she likes Sarim. The drama story is amazing and full of surprises.

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