Accidental Love Turkish Drama Cast Real Name & Story

Accidental Love is Urdu dubbed Romantic Comedy Turkish drama. The story of the drama serial Accidental Love is very interesting. Its amazing cast makes the drama more engaging. Let’s have a look at the complete cast of Urdu Dubbed Turkish drama Accidental Love.

accidental love turkish drama cast

Accidental Love Turkish Drama Cast Real Name

Here is the name of complete cast of Urdu Dubbed Turkish drama Accidental Love:

Sude Zulal Guler (Shimael)
Umit Kantarcilar (Shevan)
Burakhan Yilmaz (Kenan)
Selin Isik (Nazli)
Sadi Celil (Okan)
Deniz Altan (Ashli)
Aycan Koptur (Vildan)
Servet Pandur (Neval)
Ugur Cavusoglu (Tahsin)
Oyku Candanadam (Emine)
Ali Haider (Miraj)
Cagdas Tekin (Levent)
Billur Yilmaz (Shazia)


Turkish Drama serial Accidental Love is directed by Sadullah Celen.


Rana Mamatlioglu and Bekir Baran have written the drama serial Accidental Love.

Turkish Name

Turkish Name of drama Accidental Love is Kazara Ask.

Accidental Love Turkish Drama Story

The story of the Turkish drama Accidental Love revolves around Shimael (Sude Zulal) and Shiwan (Umit Kantarcilar). They meet accidentally but their accidental nitration changes their lives forever. Shimael and Shiwan pretend to be engaged in front of their families for some reason.

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Initially, they don’t like each other. But with the passage of time, they fell in love with each other. They face many issues but face them together with courage. Shivan’s ex-girlfriend tries to separate them but could not succeed in her plans. Eventually, they express their love for each other and happily live together.

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