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Yoo Jung Hoo is a young Korean actor. Yoo Jung Hoo appeared as Lee So Mang in Kdrama Bitch and Rich. He is an emerging actor who has been part of a few Korean dramas. Durian’s Affair is his recent drama series. He is a very talented and handsome actor. Let’s dig in to know about actor Yoo Jung Hoo biography, age, family, girlfriend wiki, height, and series list.

Yoo Jung Hoo 1997 Biography/Wiki

Age & Height

Actor Yoo Jung Hoo is 26 years old. He was born on 27 October 1997. His height is 5 feet 11 inches.

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Yoo Jung Hoo Wife/Girlfriend

Bitch and Rich actor Yoo Jung Hoo is single. He has no dating or relationship history.

Family/Parents & Siblings

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Not Known
Not Known

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Yoo Jung Hoo Drama List

Durian’s Affair2023Dan Deun Myeong
Bitch and Rich2023Lee So Mang
New Love Playlist2022Park Do Yoon
Bad Girlfriend2022Kwan Hyeon Hoo

Social Media Handle

Instagram: u_junghoo


Who played Lee So Mang in Bitch and Rich?
Yoo Jung Hoo played Lee So Mang.
Which was the debut drama of Yoo Jung Hoo?
Bad Girlfriend is the first drama of Yoo Jung Hoo.

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