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Who Plays Young Elias Mannix in Bodies 2023 Series?

Elias Mannix is the primary character in the 2023 Netflix series Bodies. Young Eliad Mannix is the character in the 2023 time period in Bodies. Series fans are curious to know about the actor who plays young Elias in the series Bodies. Let’s have a look at details about the actor who plays Eliad Mannix in the 2023 Netflix series Bodies, his real name, age, actor, and character details.

Who Plays Young Elias Mannix in the Bodies 2023 Series?

Real Name

Actor Gabriel Howell plays the role of young Eliad Mannix in Bodies. He is an emerging young British actor.

who plays young elias mannix in 2023 series bodies netflix

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Actor Details

Gabriel Howell aka young Elias Mannix is a talented actor. He has been part of many theater shows. He also appeared in a few movies and series. He impressed everyone with his stunning performance in Bodies.

Young Elias Mannix is a very mysterious and interesting character in Bodies. The brilliant acting of Gabriel Howell has made the character more interesting.

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