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Who Plays Roi in Berlin Money Heist? Actor Name & Details

Berlin Money Heist is released on Netflix. Roi is one of the most attractive characters in the series. Fans are excited to know about the Roi in Berlin. Let’s have a look at who plays Roi in the Berlin Money Heist series, actor real name, age, and details.

Who Plays Roi in Berlin Money Heist?

Actor Name

Spanish Actor Julio Pena Fernandez has portrayed the character of Roi in the Berlin Spanish Money Heist series. He is only 23 years old.

who plays roi in berlin money heist series actor name

Character & Actor Details

Julio Pena aka Roi is one of the main members of the group who is involved in the heist along with Berlin. He is a young boy who joins their group and becomes part of the robbery.

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Julio Pena is an emerging Spanish actor and a talented singer. Through My Window is his latest film. He has also appeared in the Disney series Bia. He got huge fame for this role. Julio also won the Best Teen Series Actor award in 2021. He has once again impressed the audience with his brilliant performance in the series Berlin.

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