Who Plays Oh Ri Na in Daily Dose of Sunshine? Actress Details

Daily Dose of Sunshine is a very intriguing Netflix Kdrama Series. Oh Ri Na is the first patient in the series who suffers from Bipolar disorder. Her character is very interesting. Let’s have a look at the details of the actress who plays Oh Ri Na in Kdrama Daily Dose of Sunshine, her real name, age, and character details.

Who Plays Oh Ri Na in Daily Dose of Sunshine?

Real Name

South Korean Actress Jung Woon Sun portrayed the character of the Kdrama Series Daily Dose of Sunshine. She is 40 years old.

Actress & Character Details

Jung Woon Sun aka Oh RiNa is a Patient in the Psychiatric department of the hospital. Actress Woon Seon has appeared in a few Korean dramas in supporting roles. Lies Hidden in My Garden is among her recent Kdramas.

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In the series, patient Oh Ri Na who is suffering from Bipolar disorder is admitted to the hospital when she is unable to control herself. She has lacked confidence since her childhood. Her mother always protects and cares for makes her so dependent on her that she can’t overcome her fears in life.

Actress Jung Woon Sun’s Performance as Oh Rina is just amazing in the series Daily Dose of Sunshine. The audience admired the series for its brilliant storyline and amazing execution.

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