Who Plays Gus in Boy Swallows Universe? Actor Details

Gus is Eli Bell’s elder brother in the series Boy Swallows Universe. Gus is very intelligent but he can’t speak. Here we have details about the actor who plays Gus in Boy Swallows Universe, his age, character, and actor details.

Who Plays Gus in Boy Swallows Universe?

Actor Name & Age

Lee Tiger Halley has portrayed the character of Gus, Eli’s brother in the series Boy Swallows Universe. He is around 18-19 years old.

Actor & Character Details

Lee Tiger Halley is an emerging Australian actor. He has performed the role of a mute boy Gus in the series Boy Swallows Universe brilliantly. His stunning acting skills and charming personality are loved by the series audience.

Gus Bell is Eli’s brother who can hear but can’t speak. He is very genius as well. He is a very good friend of Shelly. Gus also has the power to see the future. Eventually, he also starts speaking.

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Gus saves his brother Eli’s life at the end of the series due to his special ability to see things from the future. He also gains recognition for his massive talent. At the end of the series, Gus is shown happy with his mother Frankie, Eli, and friend Shelly.

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