Who Plays Grace in The Brothers Sun? Actress Biodata

The Brothers Sun is an action thriller Netflix series. Grace is an interesting character in the series The Brothers Sun. Here we have details about the actress who plays Grace in The Brothers Sun and Other interesting details about the actress and character.

Who Plays Grace in The Brothers Sun?

Actress Name

Madison Hu has portrayed the role of Grace in the series The Brothers Sun. She is 21 years old American actress.

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Actress & Character Details

Madison Hue is a stunning and charming actress. She has been part of many series of Disney. She is a wonderful emerging actress. Her parents are Chinese.

Madison Hue performed the character of Grace with perfection. Grace is Bruce’s classmate. He also likes her. She seems like a simple innocent girl but she also has some twists linked to her.

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In series The Brothers Sun, Grace is a member of the secret gang. She is on a mission to find the rebellious member of her gang. But Burce does not know about the reality of Grace. He admires her as an innocent simple girl.

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