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Who Plays Amina in A Nearly Normal Family? Actress Biodata

Amina is quite an intriguing character in the series A Nearly Normal Family. Amina is Stella friend whom Stells saves from Chris. Series fans are curious to know about Amina. Here we have details of the actress who plays Amina in A Nearly Normal Family Series, her real name, age, and character details.

Who Plays Amina in A Nearly Normal Family?

Actress Name

Melisa Ferhatovic appeared as Amina in the series A Nearly Normal Family. She is a gorgeous and talented 23 years old Swedish actress.

Actress and Character Details

Melisa Ferhatovic aka Amina is Stella’s friend in the series. Melisa Ferhatovic has performed the character of Amina brilliantly. She is looking absolutely gorgeous in the series. Her acting is just phenomenal in the series.

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When Chris tries to flirt with her she avoids him. But then he says sorry and offers her a drink. After having that drink, Amina loses her conscious because Chris added drugs to her drink. Then he brings her to his home and tries to rape her. But then Stella saves her by hitting Chris in the head. Chirs dies due to that injury.

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