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Who Killed Chris in A Nearly Normal Family Netflix Series?

A Nearly Normal Family is a thriller Netflix series. The suspense of Who Killed Chris in the story made A Nearly Normal Family series more intriguing. At the end of Episode 1 of the series, Stells is arrested, and then the story unfolds in flashbacks from the past. Let’s have a look at who Killed Chirs in A Nearly Normal Family series and what happened at the end.

Who Killed Chris in A Nearly Normal Family?

Stella hit Chris in his head when he tries to rape Amina. Chris with that head injury is found dead in his house the next morning. Stells does so in order to protect her friend Amina and all other girls from Chirs who could be his victim in the future.

Chris cheats his girlfriends and rapes them but no one raises their voice against him. He flirts with Amina when she does not show any interest in him, he gives her drugs by mixing in a drink. Then he takes her to his home forcefully as she is fully conscious.

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Stella who is already suspicious of Chris, finds him raping her friend Amina and then hits him. Then Amina and Stella run from his house. Aimna’s statement saves Stella’s life and eventually, she is released. Finally, everyone comes to know about Chris’s reality.

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