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Who is the Professor in All The Light We Cannot See Series?

Professor is a cardinal and intriguing character in the Netflix Series All The Light We Cannot See. Werner and Marie always admired the Radio broadcast of Professor. Let’s have a look at who is Professor in the series All The Light We Cannot See, actor real name, and character details.

Who is Professor in All The Light We Cannot See?

Real Name

Actor Hugh Laurie portrayed the character of Professor aka Etienne LeBlanc in the Series. He is 64 years old English actor.

who is professor in All The Light We Cannot See netflix series cast

Actor & Character Details

The main character Marie and Werne were fans of the radio broadcast of Professor since their childhood. Both of them always admired him. Even Werner considered him as his father. At the end of the series, Werne comes to know that Marie’s uncle Etienne LeBlance was the uncle who fought in World War One.

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Hugh Laurie’s performance in All The Light We Cannot See is just amazing. He has played the strong character of Professor with perfection. Series fans loved his performance. He has won two Gloden Globe Awards and many other awards. Hugh has been part of countless movies and TV Shows.

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