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Who is Sam Malone Character in The Killer 2023 Movie?

In the 2023 movie The Killer, the lead character uses different identities. The character of Sam Malone is one of the identities used by The Killer in the movie. Here we have the details of the Sam Malone in The Killer Movie and details of the actor who played the role.

Who is Sam Malone Character in The Killer?  

Sam Malone is the leading character of the 1982 American Sitcom Cheers. Americana actor Ted Danson performed the character of Sam Malone in the Cheers. In the Movie, Sam Malone is a fake identity that is used by the Killer.

Actor Real Name

Actor Michael Fassbender portrayed the character of Sam Malone in the movie. He uses Sam Malone fake identity to hide his true identity.

Character & Actor Details

The character of Sam Malone in Cheers is a good-looking and attractive bartender. Cheers is one of the most famous American sitcoms of the 80’s. This iconic character is used as a Fake identity by the Killer in the movie.

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Michael Fassbender has played a versatile role in the Movie The Killer. His mind-blowing acting in the movie is loved by his fans worldwide. He is 46 years 46-year-old dashing and brilliant Irish actor.

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