Who is Rigo in Griselda Series? Actor & Character Details

Netflix series Griselda became a super hit due to its intriguing storyline and cast. Rigo is a character in the series who comes from Cuba and joins Griselda’s group. Here we have details about the actor who plays Rigo in Griselda including his name, age, and character details.

Who is Rigo in Griselda Series?

Actor Name

David Zaldivar has portrayed the role of Rigo in the series Griselda.  He is a 31-year-old talented American actor.

who is rigo in griselda series cast actor name

Actor & Character Details

In the series, Rigo is a Cuban man who comes to Miami with his cousin on boats. He is hired by Griselda when she decides to take revenge on Papo and wants to get her hold back on her territory.

Griselda orders Rigo to kill Papo. He goes to Papo’s house and plants a bomb to kill him but he is unaware of what’s coming ahead. Rigo comes back home and Isa is also there. When she comes back home, Rigo is found dead on the lawn along with Isa’s body. Papo who is still alive, kills Rigo as a reaction to the attack.

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Actor David Zaldivar has performed his character with perfection Audiencce loved his show-stealing performance. He is an emerging actor who is incredibly talented.

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