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Who is Lenore in The Fall of House of Usher? Actress Details

Lenore Usher is a member of the Usher family in series House of Usher. Lenore is a very smart and intelligent girl who also dies at the end of the series. Here we have details about the actress who played Lenore in The Fall of House of Usher, her real name, age, and character details.

Who is Lenore in The Fall of House of Usher?

Real Name & Age

Actress Kyliegh Curran portrayed the character of Lenore in the series. She is 17 years old talented Chinese actress.

who is lenore in the fall of house of usher series cast actress name details

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Actress Details

Kyliegh Curran aka Lenore is an emerging brilliant actress. She was also part famous horror movie Doctor Sleep. She won an award for this movie.

Lenore is one the smartest among all Ushers. At the end of the Series, Lenore visits Verna and then she also dies but peacefully. Although some fans thought Lenore should had a better ending. But still. Kyliegh nailed her role as Lenore.

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