Who is Kwon Jae Kyung in Destined With You? Actor Details

Destined With You is a famous Korean drama of 2023. Kwon Jae Kyung the second male lead in the drama Destined With You, is Hong-Jo’s crush. Let’s dig in to have a look at the actor name and details of Mr Kwon in the Kdrama Destined With You.

Kwon Jae Kyung in Destined With You

Actor Name

Korean actor Ha Jun has performed the role of Kwon Jae Kyung in the drama Korean drama Destined With You.

kwon jae kyung in destined with you drama Ha Jun actor details

Ha Jun in Destined With You

Han Jun’s acting in Destined With You is brilliant. He has played the role of a cool, handsome, and kind officer working at City Hall.

Ha Jun is 36 years old. He lives in Seoul South Korea. Currently, Ha Jun is not dating anyone. He has been part of many famous Korean Dramas.

Ha Jun appeared as Oh Se-Gi in the 2022 Rom-Com drama series Crazy Love. He was also part of the 2022 Kdrama Bad Prosecutor.

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Destined With You drama has high viewership due to its interesting plot and stunning cast. The on-screen couple of Rowoon and Jo Bo-Ah is looking fabulous in role of Hong Jo the drama series.

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