Who is Killer in My Demon Kdrama? Main Villian in Series

Kdrama My Demon is quite popular due to its intriguing storyline and stunning cast. In Kdrama, My Demon, the Killer whose identity is a mystery made the story more interesting. Let’s have a look at who the killer in the Kdrama My Demon, the actor real name, and the main villain in the series.

Who is the Killer in My Demon Kdrama?

Actor Name

Korean actor Kim Seol Jin has portrayed the role of Killer Gi Gwang Chol in the Kdrama My Demon. He is the main killer in the series who tried to kill Do Do-Hee and Jeong Gu Won. Gi Gwang Chol works for Miss Joo’s eldest son Noh Seok Min who orders him to kill Do Do-Hee.

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Villian in the Kdrama My Demon

Na Do-Gyeong (Kang Seung Ho) and Noh Seok Min are the main villains in My Demon Kdrama. Noh Seok Min kills his mother to hide his sins. He planned to kill Do Do-Hee to become CEO of Mirae Group and pressurized his son No Do Geyong to kill them.

Some drama fans also found Joo Seok Hoon (Lee Sang Yi) suspicious and suspected him of being in alliance with the villain in the drama series. But apparently, he pretends on Do-Hee’s side and supports her. He is just a bit jealous of Gu-Won due to Do Do-Hee’s love for Gu-Won.

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Actor Kim Seol Jin has performed his role as the killer in the series brilliantly. His acting is just amazing. He is the main villain who changes his face with different masks and tries to kill Do-Hee many times.

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