Who is Carmen Rivera from Griselda in Real Life?

Carmen Rivera is an integral character in the series Griselda. Fans are curious to know about the friend of Griselda who is Carmen Rivera in real life. Let’s dig in to know about Carmen character, actor, and real-life details.

Who is Carmen Rivera from Griselda in Real Life?

Carmen Rivera from the Grisedla series who is the closest friend of Griselda and helps her in the drug trade, is a fictional character. She has a huge role in the series in helping Griselda to emerge as a drug lord.

Actress Name

Vanessa Ferlito has portrayed the role of Carmen Rivera in the series. She is 46 years old gorgeous American actress.

Character & Actress Details

Carmen Rivera is very close to Griselda and she is a very special friend of hers. But When supports her in many of her drug-related businesses. Along with Carla and Isa, She is one of her trusted friends. But when disturbance within Griselda’s business happens, she tries to kill Carmen.

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Carmen’s trust in Griselda breaks and eventually, she aligns with the Drug Investigation Team. She becomes a witness against Griselda and helps the detective working on her case. Their precious friendship bond breaks forever due to this reason.

Actress Vanessa Ferlito is a talented and versatile actress. She has been part of many famous series and movies. She is the mother of a son. Vanessa is not married.

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