What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus Cause, Symptoms

Coronavirus is a family of Viruses which consist of more than 200 viruses. Coronavirus affects the respiratory system. It can cause many diseases from bronchitis, respiratory disorder, pneumonia and can lead to the death of a suffering person. Here we have Coronavirus cause, symptoms, and precautions. Stay safe and keep your family safe.

Coronavirus History

SARS Coronavirus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is a type of coronavirus that spread in China in from 2002 to 2004. It was spread by bats. It also caused severe disease and lead to many deaths.

MERS Coronavirus (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) was spread in 2012 in the Middle East due to camel’s meat and milk. It caused much death but was limited to the Middle East and did not spread to the rest of the world.

In 2020, Novel Coronavirus has spread in China and infected a huge number of people, and also lead to many deaths. It is supposed to spread from two local snaked of China, Chinses cobra and Chinese Krait.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Coughing, high temperature, runny nose and sore throat, difficulty in breathing, and other breathing disorders are major symptoms of Novel Coronavirus.

MERS and SARS Coronavirus symptoms included flue and sneezing but in Novel Coronavirus (current coronavirus) these symptoms have not observed.

Coronavirus cause symptoms precautions

Its symptoms are similar to the casual flue and rhinovirus infection that’s why it’s difficult to distinguish in the early stages. Actually, this virus does not show its major symptoms at the early stages and even a person apparently well can have an infection.

It can affect a person of any age group. But according to current reports, mortalities caused by Coronavirus have been observed in the person of age group more than 60 and those who were suffering from some other diseases.

Coronavirus Cause

It spreads from animal-like camels, bats, snakes, etc. But it also spreads from infected people to other people. An infected person’s coughing and sneezing can affect the people in the surrounding. If an infected person touches his hand to something like a handle of the door and leaves the secretion there, then it can transmit to other persons who touch that thing.

Coronavirus Precautions and Preventions

Stay away from infected persons. Any person who is suffering from a chest infection, any respiratory disorder, or coughing can have coronavirus. User face masks, gloves, and headcover. Medical teams who treat Coronavirus patients use special gloves, headcovers, and masks to prevent themselves from the virus.

Coronavirus Cure and Vaccine

There is no vaccine available for Coronavirus and neither any medicine which can cure Coronavirus. Currently, only supportive treatment is given to the person suffering from coronavirus in the initial stages.

The patient is kept under observation and given plenty of fluid to reduce coronavirus effects.

Coronavirus cause symptoms precautions

Coronavirus in China

Coronavirus has spread from Wuhan, the city of China. Wuhan is completely locked down, nobody is allowed to travel in or out of the city either by road or by air. Coronavirus is spreading drastically in Wuhan and it has also spread in some other cities in China. Many deaths have been caused due to this virus.

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Coronavirus cases Worldwide

Few cases of coronavirus have been found in many countries other than China.

Few Coronavirus cases have been detected in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, and Malaysia. But the origin of these viruses in these countries was Chinese who traveled from China to other countries of the world.

These were Coronavirus causes, symptoms, and precautions. We hope this information would help you to stay away and safe from this deadly virus.

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