Turn to Me Mukai Kun Cast Name With Pictures

Turn to Me Mukai Kun is a romantic Japanese Netflix drama series. Talented Japanese actor Eiji Akaso has appeared in the lead cast in the series Turn Me to Mukai Kun. This drama is also known by the title Kocci Muite Yo Mukai Kun. It was aired on TV in Japan in July 2023. It is available on Netflix as well. Here we have Japnses Netlfix drama series Turn to Me Mukai Kun cast real name with pictures and actors details.

Turn to Me Mukai Kun Cast Name

Eiji Akaso as Satoru

Eiji Akaso played the role of Satoru in Turn to Me Mukai Kun. He is 29 years old Japanese model and actress. He has been part of many famous Japanese movies and dramas as lead actor. Zoom 100: Bucket List of Dead is among his recent famous films.

turn to me mukai kun cast name

Ikuta Erika as Todo Miwako

Ikuta Erika performed the character of Miwako in the series Turn to Me Mukai Kun. She is 26 years old. She is a singer turned actress. Ikuta is a member of the Japanese girl group Nogizaka46.

turn me to mukai kun Japanese drama cast name pictures

Sakura Fujiwara as Mami Takeda

Sakura Fujiwara played the role of Mami Takeda in Turn to Me Muaki Ku. She is 29 years old. She is also a famous Japanese singer. Fight Song is her latest movie.

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Turn Me to Mukai Kun Supporting Cast

Haru as Koki Sakaido
Okayama Amane as Takeda Genki
Wakabayashi Jiei as Fukamachi Takyua
Naito shuichiro as Kasai Shota
Iwai Kenshiro as Tozaki Yoshihito

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