Turkish Drama List in Urdu – Urdu/Hindi Dubbed Dramas

Urdu dubbed Turkish dramas were always loved by the fans. After the super hit drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi, Urdu dubbed Turkish Drama has become more popular. Here we have a list of some Turkish Drama in Urdu. Let’s have a look at the list of Urdu/Hindi dubbed Turkish drama to watch .

Turkish Drama List in Urdu

Full Moon

Full Moon is Urdu/Hindi dubbed Turkish drama serial starring Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel in the lead cast. It’s a romantic comedy Turkish drama with many emotional twists.

turkish drama in urdu list 2022


Meryem is a thriller Turkish drama based on the story of an innocent girl Meryem. Turkish actress Ayca Aysin Turan has played the lead role of Meryem in the drama.

turkish drama in urdu list 2022


Aahan is another interesting latest Turkish drama dubbed in Urdu. Onur Tuna played the lead role in the drama. His Urdu dubbed drama serial Shajar-e-Mamnu was also loved by fans.

Aatish-e- Ishq

Aatish-e-Ishq is a drama based on the struggle of Kamal Ataturk and other Turkish soldiers for the liberation of Turkey from the Greeks.

turkish drama in urdu list 2022

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Herjai is one of the most famous dramas in Turkey. Pakistani and Indian Turkish drama fans also loved the drama. It’s a romantic drama serial with many emotional twists. Ebru Sahin and Akin Akinozu played the lead role in the drama.

turkish drama in urdu list 2022

Zalim Istanbul

Zalim Istanbul is also one of the latest Turkish dramas in Urdu dubbing. It’s about the story of a family who has to move to Istanbul because this is the last option left for them. But in Istanbul, many difficulties were already waiting for them.

Zalim Istanbul cast

Love for Rent

Accidental Love


Mrs. Fazilet and Her daughter

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