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Tum Na Bhi Thay by Asad Siddiqui Lyrics – Song Kashmir Beats Season 1

Asad Siddiqui is a talented actor, he appeared in many dramas with outstanding acting. He is also a talented singer and he proved his talent by singing an amazing song in Kashmir Beats Season 1. Let’s dig into the complete lyrics of the song Tum Na Bhi Thay by Asad Siddiqui.

Singer:  Asad Siddiqui

Composer/Lyricist:   Shany Haider

Tum Na Bhi Thay by Asad Siddiqui Lyrics

Hmmmmm Raaaraa
Tum Na Bhi Thy Or Tum Thy
Hum Bhi Wahin Thy
Per Kahin Thy
Hum Perkh Na Paay
Tere Pyaar Ko
Hum Samj Na Paay
Is Raaz Ko
Hooooo Hooooo

Tu Ne Bulia Tu Mein Aya
Umeedow Ko Bhi Mein Laya
Hum Palat Na Paay Iqrar Ko
Hum Smaj Na Paay Teri Zaat Ko
Hooooo Hooooo

Pianoow Ka Rang Tere Jesa
Her So Nazara Tere Jesa
Nei Jena Mein Ne Tere Bina
Tere Bina Tere Bina
Hmmmmm Rararara
Hooooo Hooooo
Hooooo Hooooo
Hum Smaj Na Paay
Tere Pyar Ko
Hum Smaj Na Ko
Tere Pyar Ko
Hoooo Hoooo Hoooo

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