Trapped in Your Kiss Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

Trapped in Your Kiss is a romantic Chinese drama serial with a talented cast and an interesting storyline. The story of the drama is about a girl who is a musician and a rich boy. Young and brilliant Chinese actors are part of the series cast. Let’s have a look at the Chinese drama Trapped in Your Kiss cast name and story.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance
Language: Chinese
Duration: 30 Minutes
Total Episodes: 24

Trapped in Your Kiss Chinese Drama Cast Name

Lawrence Wong as Luo Jia Heng
Candice Zhao as Dai Ying Xi
Jesse Ren as Cheng Feng Ming
Amanda Liu as Yu Xiao Xiao
Yang Xi as Lui Jia Xin
Wu Cheng Xuan as Yu Wei
Cola Yao as Xia Yuan Xing
Wu Hao as Lin Yi
Lu Xin as Yuan Yi Wen

Release Date

Chinese drama Trapped in You Kiss was released on 18 November 2023 with the title Summer Wind.

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Trapped in Your Kiss Chinese Drama Story

The story of the Chinese drama Trapped in Your Kiss is about Luo Jia Heng whose life changes after getting a heart transplant. When he gets a heart transplant with Xia Yuan Xing, he also develops her love for music. He then goes back to her town and meets her friends. An interesting story starts when he becomes good friends with Dai Ying Xi, Cheng Feng Ming, and Yu Xiao Xiao.

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