The Spirealm Chinese Drama Cast Real Name, Age, & Pics

The Spirealm is a 2024 famous Chinese drama with an exciting story and a talented cast. This drama is full of suspense, comedy, fantasy and romance. If you like to watch horror and fantasy Chinese drama, The Spirealm is the best option to watch. The story shows the life of Lin Jiushi, who finds twelve mysterious iron similar gates in the corridor. Find more information about the 2024 Chinese drama The Spirealm full cast real name, age, and photos.

Drama Details

Genres: Horror, Fantasy
China Mainland
Director: Danny Pang
Duration: 20 minutes
Total Episodes: 78

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama The Spirealm was released on 2nd February 2024.

The Spirealm Chinese Drama Cast

Xia Zhi Guang as Ruan Zhi Guang

Xia Zhi Guang is a 24-year-old young and talented actor, who played the role of Ruan Zhi Guang. His recent most-watched dramas are “Got a Crush on You” and “Everybody in the House”. He started his acting career in 2018.

Huang Jun Jie as Lin Jiu Shi

Huang Jun Jie played the role of Lin Jiu Shi and his acting was appreciated by viewers. His real age is 25 years old. He was also part of the dramas “Miss Chun is a Litigator” and “Eternal Love of Dream”.

The Spirealm Chinese Drama Cast

Liu Xiao Bei as Li Dong Yuan

Actor Liu Xiaobie’s character name is Li Dong Yuan. His first drama was “Sweet Tai Chi” in 2019. He also played the supporting roles in the dramas “Ray of Light” and “My Heroic Husband”.

Liu Ruo Gu as Cheng Yixie

Liu Ruo Gu played the role of Cheng Yixie. He is 17 years old talented actor. His latest dramas are “Stay Young Stay Passion”, and “Love Forever Young”. He started his career as a child artist.

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Supporting Cast Name

Yan Zi Xian as Chen Fei
Tong Lei as Cui Zheng Qin
Yin Rui
Yue Yao Li as Village Chief
Yvonne Yung as Hotel Owner
Li Ping as Witch Doctor
Natas Asoka as Time Machine Inventor
Zhang Jun Han
Zhao Xuan
He Zhi Long
Li Si Yu

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