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The Brothers Sun Cast Name with Photos & Actors Detail

The Brothers Sun is a 2024 Netflix series starring Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, Sam Li, and many other actors in the cast. Its story is about Charles Sun and his family who move to Los Angeles to escape from gangster life. Here we have the Netflix series The Brothers Sun cast real name with pictures and actors detail.

The Brothers Sun Series Cast real Name

Justin Chien as Charles Sun

Justin Chien has performed the character of Charles Sun in the series The Brothers Sun. Charles is the elder brother of Bruce. Justin is 25 years old Taiwanese American actor.

Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun

Sam Song Li played the role of Bruce Sun in The Brothers Sun. He lives in LA, California with her mother and has lost his memory. Sam Li is a 26-year-old talented Chinese American actor.

the brothers sun series cast name actor actress details

Highdee Kuan as Alexis

Highdee Kuan performed the role of Alexis in the series The Brothers Sun. She is 25 years old gorgeous American actress.

the brothers sun series cast name actor actress details

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Madison Hu as Grace

Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun

The Brothers Sun Supporting Cast

John Lee as TK
Alice Hewkin as May
Johnny Kou as Big Sun
Maite Garcia as Edner
Jenny Yang as Xing
Rodney To as Mark

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