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Takumi Kitamura Biography, Girlfriend, Band, Parents, Dramas

Takumi Kitamura is a Japnese actor and singer. Takumi Kitamura portrayed the character of Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action Netflix series. He is a member of band Dish, a dance rock band. He has appeared in many Japanese movies and TV series in lead and supporting roles. Here we have actor Takumi Kitamura biography, age, band, parents, girlfriend, bl drama, relationships, and other details.

Takumi Kitamura Biography

Age: 26 Years
Date of Brith: 3 November 1997
Height: 5 feet 10 inches

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Takumi Kitamura Wife/Girlfriend & Relationships

Actor Takumi Kitamura is not married. Currently, Takumi Kitamura has no girlfriend. There was news about his few rumored relationships but he has never announced his relationship officially.

Takumi Kitamura Band

Actor Takumi Kitamura is in the dance band Dish. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the band.

Parents & Brother

Takumi Kitamura lives in Tokyo with his parents. His father’s name is Tomitaka Itoda and he is a politician. He is very close to his parents and brothers.

Takumi Kitamura Ideal Type

The ideal type of actor Takumi Kitamura is an independent, confident, and sensible girl.

Drama List

Yu Yu Hakusho live action2023Yusuke
Don’t Call it Mystery2022Juto
Night Doctor2021Shun Sakuraba
Love Beings When the Money Ends2020Jun Itagaki
The Good Wife2019Kotaro Asahi
Brass Dreams2016Keita Abo
Nobunaga Concerto2014Katsuzo Mori


How old is Takumi Kitamura?
Takumi Kitamura is 26 years old.
Which is bl drama of Takumi Kitamura?
Residential Comples is the bl drama of Takumi Kitamura.

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