Sweet Games Chinese Drama Cast Name – 2023 Series

Sweet Games is a 2023 Chinese romantic drama series. The story of this drama series revolves around a voice artist and an entrepreneur girl. Drama Sweet Games is also known by the title 25 Hours of Love. Read the Chinese drama series Sweet Games cast real name, story, and other details about drama.

Drama Details

Genres: Romance, Drama
Channel: WeTV
Producer: Fang Fang
Language: Chinese
Duration: 42 Minutes
Total Episodes: 24
Other Title: 25 Hours of Love

sweet games chinese drama cast name story

Release Date

The first episode of the Chinese drama Sweet Games was released on 11 August 2023.

Day & Timings

You can watch the new Episode of the Chinese drama serial Sweet Games every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Where to Watch

You watch drama Chinese drama Sweet Games on WeTV, Viki, and TencentVideo.

Sweet Games Chinese Drama Cast

He HongShan as An Ran
Winwin (Dong Si Cheng) as Yan Yue
Andrew Lang as Hu Ying Jun
Jin Xi Xuan as Tian Xin
Chen Kang as Chang Feng
Tan Xiao Fan as Bai Meng Yao
Liu Yi Yue as Chen Rui
hu Bao Sen as A’Peng
Zhang Xin as Lao Wu

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Sweet Games Chinese Drama Story

The story drama series Sweet Games is about a girl An Ran who is young and ambitious. She is an entrepreneur who is struggling in her career. She meets a charming boy Yan Yue who is also her landlord.

Yue and Ran studied together in the same college and he has a crush on her. He works as a voiceover artist but does not like to tell others about his profession. They gradually fell in love with each after a series of interesting twists in life.

FAQs About Sweet Games

Who performed the lead role in the Chinese drama Sweet Games?
Famous Chinese actor and singer Dong Sicheng performed the lead role in the drama Sweet Games.

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