Strong Girl Nam Soon Villain Real Name & Actor Details

Strong Girl Nam Soon is one of the most famous newly released Korean Dramas on Netflix. The main Villain in the Kdrama Strong Girl Nam Soon has grabbed everyone’s attention due to his cool looks. The lead character of Nam Soon, a girl with superpowers is performed by Lee Yoo Mi and she won the hearts of her fans with brilliant acting. Here we have The villain, the second lead actor in the Kdrama Strong Girl Nam Soon real name, age, and actor details.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Villain Real Name

The Korean actor Byeon Woo Seok played the role of the villain and his character’s name is “Ryu Shiho”. He is a CEO of a company and a drug dealer. Byeon Woo Seok’s real age is 31 years old.

Top Dramas and Movies

His debut drama was released in 2016. He played the lead and supporting roles in many famous dramas and movies. His most popular dramas are “Records of Youth”, “Moonshine”, and “Welcome to Waikiki 2”. Byeon Woo Seok’s upcoming drama is “Lovely Runner”.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Villain

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He is also known for his brilliant acting in Korean movies “Soulmate” and “The 20th Century Girl”. He was also part of the movies “Ashfall” and “Midnight Runners”. In the drama Strong Girl Namsoon, he impressed the audiences with his charming personality.

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